French term of astonishment. a curse. translation; "sacred blue" refers to Christ's mother, Mary, often depicted in art in blue dress. the subversive tone is derived from the question of Mary's immaculate conception (i.e. her birth) and her ability to accept the Holy Spirit and birth Jesus without having ever mensturated.
sacre bleu! i stepped in poop.
by argee August 22, 2006
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stereotypical Fr. oath, 1869, from Fr. sacré bleu, lit. "holy blue," a euphemism for sacré Dieu (1768), "holy God."
by Timotheus1969 October 16, 2006
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Holy cow, holy shit. Originates from the French language. Also can be found as: sacré bleu or sacrebleu.
Person A: SACRE BLEU! That guy is fcking hot.
Person B: Sacre bleu! Hell no. He's hella ugly.
by sacrebloodybleuitslorena December 8, 2004
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The French equivalent of saying "Holy shit."

Interestingly, the candelabra character Lumiere in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" exclaims it in a particular scene.
by an Individual April 9, 2006
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As if to say "fuck" or "god damn it," just, in French.
FRENCH GIRL:Sacre bleu. That taxi cab just ran over my foot.
FRENCH WOMAN: But of course.
by Laily...O:-) July 8, 2005
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I'm positing that it means: Heavens!

Think about it.

I also suspect it was used on some American cartoon in the sixties.
x: Sacre bleu! The cat has washed the dishes!

y: I knew she would if I asked her enough times.
by escuchon May 4, 2008
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what in the blue!!


what in the great blue fuck is that thing!?
Hand: Sacre bleu! I think i just saw Amy Winehouse!!

Job: dude no!! thats not Amy Winehouse! what in the great blue fuck is that thing??
by jazzyfizzlebiatch August 23, 2010
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