a very smart, kind, and charming boy... but hes hella fruity and i bet he beats his meat to blood cells
hey saaim what are ya doing tonight my guy
im finna beat my meat to some gay hentai wbu
miss me wit that gay shit fam
by itchyaboi June 01, 2018
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An extremely Charming Boy who gets all the chicks, He is very obidient and is a gift from god.
Harry Styles is a "Saaim"
by Habalala November 18, 2016
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A person who is a big gay and a hoe which is roming behind girls and a guy who loves maryam hoor, abadi,and my dixks hair and he is a fucking cunt
Saaim is a hoe who loves saima
by Saaim is a hoe November 28, 2018
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