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bigger, better, baller!

1. The "sDef" describes an unique, intelligent and extremely handsome person.

With his positive vibration he has the ability to calm people down, to change stress into serenity or to deliver pure hapiness. One of his characteristics is reflected by a body size of 2.06m (6 foot 9). This gives him an enormous advantage compared to other man, as he doesn't have to proove ANYTHING. As well you can see him as the prototype of the future human beeing, if we consider that manhood was consistantly developing more body-strenght over the past centuries.

Living his life believing in Good & Evil, Kharma and Destiny he makes himself a perfect husband, boyfriend, friend, colleague, employee, lover, listener or boss - all depending on how much he likes you.

2. A pair of sixes - Roll a double 6 and call it a "sDef"

3. Nickname for Stephan which developed over the years. Starting with Steph, going over to defsteph, playing FIFA as S.Def, meanwhile converting to def2dasteph

4. AKA's: Correcta, Def2daSteph, Methaph Man, Slow Mo, Rewind, Hightower, defsteph, one half from speph and steed, DEF...
On the street:
"Look at that! What is it? Is it a mountain? Is it a skyscraper? What is this huge thing?" - "It's a sDef!"

In the kitchen:
"Fuck! I can't reach the plates in the upper storage rack. I wish I had a sDef!"

During a dice game:
"That is the third sDef in a row you got there! Unbelievable!"

Girl-Girl conversation:
"Girrrl, i really wish my new boyfriend wouldn't be so lazy in bed!" - "I can't understand. Why you didn't look for a sDef?"
by def2dasteph March 01, 2010
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