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A single, two-word phrase that contains both the phrases "He's ok" and "She's broken", describing the stereotypically-common occurrence of a male getting over a failed relationship while a female is still devastated by it.
Guy: You're a great girl but it's over.

Girl: But you said you loved me?

Guy: Yeah. But I heard you wouldn't put out if I didn't.

She's broken.
by mydria May 18, 2011
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A quote shared on social media platforms mainly by young women reflecting on break-ups or infidelities by their male partners in which they are the victim whilst the male is callous and guiltless in their actions- thus, 'she's broken', whilst 'he's ok.' Alongside common Instagram soundbites such as 'LIVE LAUGH LOVE', 'sHE'S brOKen' has attained ironic meme status for its incredibly lowbrow wordplay, and is now more often quoted in jest on social media in mockery of the wannabe Instagram influencer types that would have used it seriously.
Basic AF Instagram Girl: "Wow, sHE'S brOKen, that's SO DEEP. I'll share it now so my other basic friends can ask 'u ok bbs? I'm here if u need to talk xxx' and I can reply 'thnx hun xx ly you know how it is, some people, ugh.'
by falsetokaiba May 05, 2019
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