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When a girl poops on a man's penis, and leaves it to dry, for a few hours (this is essential!) and then returns to give him a handjob as if she were turning a doorknob. A rusty doorknob.
"OMG Rhonda gave Bernie a rusty doorknob last night! He says he now has a new perspective on life."
by Danprabjanif Kinharbak November 04, 2011
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A drink common to the party areas of southern Florida. Common with frat boys. Served by annoyed bartenders that have to buy shots for patrons that have a loudly announced "birthday".

1/2 oz. mat juice
1/2 oz. well 151 rum
Frat girl: "OMFG! It's my boyfriends birthday!!" (Implying that subject bartender should offer free celebratory shots)
Bartender: "OMFG! Rusty doorknobs all around!!"
by jjoohhnnyypp July 21, 2017
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