Alternate term for the more common Columbian Necktie, in which the throat is slit, the base of the tongue is cut free, and the tip of the tongue is pulled down the throat and out the slit.
Since they guy was from Russia, they decided to give him a Russian Bow-tie instead of a Columbian Necktie.
by MineTruly February 3, 2010
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A russian bow-tie is when a man has his testicles cut off and shoved down his throat before death. one on each side of the adam's apple resembles the look of a bow-tie Usually, a sign they are a snitch (доносчик), disrespected someone in the group, or to send a message.
Gopnik gangster 1: You should have seen it! I had to run in 5 meters in the snow to catch this guy. Used a splitting ax to take off his testicles for the trouble it brought me. lol

Gopnik gangster 2: Is Boris talking about that story again? He tells everyone that one "Russian bow-tie" story

Gopnik gangster 3: He just got to the part about the splitting ax
by woochef September 14, 2020
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when you slit someones throat and pull their tongue through the hole or slit.
yo those russian mofo be trippin and givin' dem boyz da russian bow-tie
by Alexi666 May 15, 2008
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To tie another's ballsac around another's neck into a bow-tie.
Guy 1: That guy over there looked at me wrong o.o
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: I'm gonna give him a Russian Bow-Tie.
Guy 2: .....
by Crunk v2 September 7, 2012
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