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Alternate term for the more common Columbian Necktie, in which the throat is slit, the base of the tongue is cut free, and the tip of the tongue is pulled down the throat and out the slit.
Since they guy was from Russia, they decided to give him a Russian Bow-tie instead of a Columbian Necktie.
by MineTruly February 03, 2010
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when you slit someones throat and pull their tongue through the hole or slit.
yo those russian mofo be trippin and givin' dem boyz da russian bow-tie
by Alexi666 May 15, 2008
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To tie another's ballsac around another's neck into a bow-tie.
Guy 1: That guy over there looked at me wrong o.o
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: I'm gonna give him a Russian Bow-Tie.
Guy 2: .....
by Crunk v2 September 06, 2012
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