The name for the scandal due to Trump and his administration colluding with Vladimir Putin beginning with the 2016 Presidential campaign into the first weeks of his Presidency. Flynn resigned when it became known he had communication with Russia and discussed lifting the sanctions Obama put in place. It is now reported that various officials associated with Trump communicated with Russia before Trump was sworn in which is illegal.
The Russiagate scandal is becoming larger than the Watergate Scandal during the Nixon Administration
by geraldatwork February 15, 2017
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Avoiding taking responsibility for losing at something you thought was a sure thing by blaming Russia (of all things) while simoultaneously fabricating a distraction from your own corruption, incompetence and criminality.
By the time the idiot people figure out that Russiagate was a smokescreen for Hillary Clinton's own corruption and incompetence she will be too senile to remember anything had happened.
by Faymkonzi August 30, 2018
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