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The Norwegian Prom, except instead of one night it goes on for 3 weeks. Many students are drunk every night and ride around in busses or vans some of which cost over $200000 and have sound systems that could be used at most concerts. Most week nights these busses drive around playing norwegian cities filled to the brim with drunken happy people. However on several weekends during the "Russ holiday" they all gather in huge parties with 11000 people. It is truly the most epic graduation ever. Nothing even comes close to the pure awesomeness that is russefeiring.
I was was drunk every day for 3 weeks during russefeiring. It was the best party of my life.
by kaiser123 April 26, 2010
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the definition of the russefeiring is 3rd base
3rd base is the whole point off the celebration, and the coolest bus ever
if god had created a party-bus it wouldent look half as good as the 3rd base bus
god damn 3rd base is awesome
i wish i was on 3rd base
if your not on 3rd base, to bad for you
i love russefeiring, but i love 3rd base even more, those guys are awesome!
by magnuw1709 September 16, 2009
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