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Accident prone antisocial nerd. Glares a lot. Super annoying but we love her. She likes the mangy cat of the group that we've all grown fond of.
Zach: What the fuck is that? Is it on crutches?

Megan: I think it's ruska, but I thought she broke her arm last week...
by That Handle January 21, 2015
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Ruska is a girl that everyone should have as a friend. She is loving, caring, funny and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. It takes time to get her to open up to you and be relaxed with you but once you reach that point you won't regret taking the time. She is every girls and guys dreampartner and everyone who has a chance with her is considered reeally lucky. She is just simply amazing.
"Did you see Ruska today? Her smile lit up the whole room."
by pastelbitch January 13, 2019
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The definition of a hoe, this bitch is spoiled and entitled. She thinks so highly about herself when she's nothing special. She's a bitch that you want to hit in the face, she loves to be fake. She will be nice to you in your face but when you turn around she will betray you. She cared about no one else but herself, she is a HOE!! Like she will spread her legs for lowkey anyone. Oh, and I can't forget how goddam stupid this hoe is!! Like her IQ is so low it's hard to measure.
RUSKA IS A BASIC HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Heather Mackemera October 16, 2019
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