A lying sack of shit who deceives people for a living, in the name of his political ideology. Every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie
Goebbels was a real rupar, he shameless lied and smeared anyone opposing Hitler.
by Dottore Woohoo-e March 21, 2021
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To lie with impunity; a brazen statement with a focus on misleading, usually with intention of a predetermined outcome.
The presidential candidate rupar'd before stealing the election. Now the few citizens that actually favored him suffer extreme voter-remorse
by Paytr10t March 21, 2021
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To purposely mislead. To intentionally and grossly mischaracterize a statement and/or video.
Aaron’s Publisher: That police officer didn’t say anything noteworthy.
Aaron: Don’t worry! I can always Rupar it to get some retweets.
by Mr. Rupar March 22, 2021
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(Verb)To purposely mislead. To completely mischaracterize a statement or video by omitting context.
Q: Did you see the press conference of that racist police officer make excuses for that criminal?

A: Hey, man, that clip was ruparred-the police officer was actually quoting the criminal.

"Don't rupar me, bro."
by Lewis King March 21, 2021
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