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is a noun for a very attractive couple that loves each other more than any other, but is restricted by bounds either through family or death (there are many ways in which they are bound). they are very inseperable. rumprada is very common in books.
romeo and juliet are a rumprada!
by ralldredge8173 February 07, 2010
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The connection two people have. A great realtionship. The best frienship. With the only fault of parents coming between them. This couple loves one an other so much they risk everything they have just to see eachother. They understand eachother, they always talk things through, and always figure it out. There are tough times just like any other couple...but a rumprada forgives and forgets. The individuals are eachothers best friend, they can talk about anything; theres no other ending than one that ends in the words i do.
It is said a Rumprada will last till the death.
by lovingstar February 13, 2010
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