Ruly is a hot Puerto Rican/a lil mexican guy that wears bape and can steal any girl. Usually found in the basketball courts hanging out with younger girls. He may be gorgeous over his clothes, but under he's packing 2''.
ELISA: Hey that guy is cute, do you know him?
ROWNOKA: Yeah it's Ruly, don't bother trying to smash.
by elissavage January 29, 2017
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a derogatory declaration that one is rule bound. One follows rules even when good sense suggests that a rule should be bent or broken.
He's way too ruly to use words from the urban dictionary.

The traffic light was stuck on red. He was so ruly that he was stuck there for an hour.
by Moose Dr. May 8, 2012
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Descendants of a well known greek family with abnormally long toes
Wow she has such long toes, she must be a Rulis.
by Tdefinition22 July 13, 2022
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