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Similar to rule 34(literally means rule 3 sub 16)

3:16 A) If it exsists someone will find something wrong with it in the Bible.

3:16 B) If this rule is invoked you are required to say that you have invoked rule 3:16.

3:16 C) If you invoke rule 3:16 and you tell them that you invoked rule 3:16 you are not required to prove that the Bible says something against it.

3:16 D) You cannot invoke this rule when reffering to: Death, BDSM, Furries, or Killing. anything elese can be invoked upon.

3:16 E) this rule must be reffered to a "rule 3:16" it cannot be refered to as rule 3.16 or 3.16 or rule 3-16 or any combination of these (it can be reffered to as 3:16, 3 sub 16, 3 subsection 16 or the Bible rule).

3:16 F) Furries are not allowed to be invoked by rule 3:16 as stated by rule 3:16 D).

3:16 G) The rule may be invoke upon at anytime by God or his angels for any reason and He/them is not required to give a reason.

3:16 H) Hell cannopt speak out against this rule nor can a person say "to hell with rule 3:16" or any form of damning of this rule nor can a person say "forget 3:16" or any form os disavowing or encouraging the disavowing of this rule.

3:16 I) noone may condone the uninteligent use of this rule. (if you do not know what the rule means you cannot use it)

3:16 J) all parts of rule 3:16 cannot be changed edited or restated in any way.

X: look it's pie
Z: pie is a sin
X: why?
Z: rule 3:16
X: the Bible rule?
Z:*no response*
by voldemort1 April 20, 2009
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