Hawaiian (pidgin english) for flip-flops, zories, etc.
Hey, no take my rubbah slippah.
by Sailor September 23, 2003
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Rubber slippers, japanese-introduced slippers which are the common footwear of Hawaiian locals. They are attached to the feet by a strap which goes between the big toe and the second toe and to the sides of the slipper.
Ey brah wea my rubbah slippah stay?
by kanakaman January 18, 2004
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Local Hawaiian version of "camel toe".
Like when you are wearing socks and wearing rubbah slippahs..look at your socks and you'll see what it means.
by japfarm September 18, 2007
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pidgin for cheap, rubber thong sandals (rubber slippers). every hawaiian local knows 101 ways to fix their broken slippah: 50 with tape, 50 with glue, and 50 with a stick to poke the strap back in the hole. every hawaiian local owns 2 or more pairs. at least one of them is "dah bus' up kine" and the others are "dah ok kine"

rubbah slippahs were brought to hawaii as a cheap way for the japanese and filipino plantation workers to have shoes.
1) Ey braddah, my rubbah slippahs wen' go bus' up. han' me dat steeke.

2)Brah! don' tell me u try wear dah bus' up kine slippah to jur cuz's wedding! put on dah good kine fo' dat brah!
by who the fuck knows? January 26, 2006
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When you utilize a latex condom, and you slip it in her and the condom rips. This is a traditional Hawaiian method used for sexual reproduction.
Hoh Braw, last night, me n Leilani, we oof and I give her the rubbah slippah rippah. I bet we got tree keikes on da way.
by TampaWilt August 4, 2023
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