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Rsbf (pronounced ris-bif) is an acronym for runescape boyfriend. Rsbfs tend to lack the ability to associate with girls in real life therefore they go on the internet to fall in love with pixelated girls (who tend to be guys ripping them off). These blokes give "girls" alot of runescape items hoping to eventually lose their virginity.
Rsbf "Omg i love springflower69 so much. Her pixels are HOT!"
(british accent) "That bloke is falling in love on runescape. Oh he is a rsbf. Poor bloke, do you want a bowl?"
Rsbf "whats a bowl? anyway i want spring ughhh ... i'll support her"
(Brit) "I support Arsenal. This poor bloke is hopeless. Oh that bloke."
by chazitup44 March 04, 2012
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