The clearance on that wasn't but an RPH.
by DiverProg July 31, 2006
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Random Party Hookup - When two near-strangers meet at a party and hook up.

The Hookup is generally with tongue, while dancing to some sort of techno music, e.g., Warp 1.9 by the Bloody Beetroots. RPH's commonly occur at Jewish parties, or with a French exchange student.

Young men will often brag about how many RPH's they have scored, often exaggerating about the amount. They will also scout for events where they could take part in an RPH, such as a Jewish Youth Movement Seminar.
Jewish Lad - "I've had three RPH's."
Sensible Lad - "Yeah, but they were with two men and a drugged cat."
by SpreaderOfTheWord October 17, 2010
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A RolePlayerHater (RPH) is someone who has no imagination, therefore hates RolePlayers, who actually HAVE the ability to imagine...
RPH's tend to come to RolePlaying forums and get an account just to trash-talk the RolePlayers...
RolePlayerHater (RPH):YOU GUYS HAVE NO LIFE, WHY DONT YOU GO AND GET SOME FRIENDS, YOU NERDS!!! *Calls the RolePlayers vulgar names*
Roleplayer1:You guys, let's just ignore him and maybe he will go away...
Roleplayer2:Yeah...That fag should find something better to do...
by Roleplayer 4 Life May 8, 2008
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An explosive illustration style combining bold gestural lines and vibrant watercolors. RPH can be found in newspapers, magazines, books and Web Sites all around the world. RPH is a style influenced by renowned artists: Alphonse Mucha, Jackson Pollock, Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Shepard Fairey.
Mikey Knight - “Did you see that RPH illy in Time Magazine last week?”

Bobby Vector - “Yeah, I saw it. I saw one in S.I. the week before too. Shit was tight. RPH is blowin up, kid.”
by Bobby Vector February 11, 2011
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