Rougeiousie are the members of the rougeious social class. Red-necks at heart, the rougeiousie strive for the middle class. They value anything that costs money, anything that indicates the outward appearance of wealth and prosperity, and anything that separates them from their rural lower-class background. The rougeiousie enjoy dining at restaurants with tableclothes, expensive cars, name brand clothes, and condominium shares on the Gulf coast panhandle of Florida (Redneck Riviera). Members of the rougeiousie battle furiously their roots, and on occasion make social faux-pas, such as drinking too many wine spritzers or Corona Lights, admitting their proficiency as hunters, or engaging in 4x4 mudding.
Jo-Jo brought his wife Carly and three kids to a resort near Panama City, Florida as a real treat. There they could relax with like-minded rougeiousie without the fear of being judged as 'fancy' or 'high-brow' by their neighbors back home in Tuscaloosa.

The rougeiousie lifestyle was emotionally difficult to maintain for Jimmy, as it seemed the pricier and more middle class his family became, the more he wanted to sit in his garage, dip, drink Coors and clean his firearms, while watching 'Bama kick ass.
by t-ducats December 18, 2009
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