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legend from book.
typical pos senior ruby cup playing guy.
become a role model for the young society in ireland!
ah lads i scored her last week and i didn't text her when i said i would.

omg u pulled a toal ross o carroll kelly on her.

thatll teach her to be a desperate cow

yeah i can get her anytine
by joe December 09, 2004
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character in Paul Howard's Sunday Tribune column.

Satire on Dublin's southsider population.

Anagram of ROCK, Ross having frequented the fictional Castlerock school, presumably based on Blackrock school.

Can also be used as adjective, usually by southsiders themselves
"Ross O'Carroll Kelly is so focking hilarious"

"OMG, did you see Oscar, the was acting so focking Ross O'Carroll Kelly, it was loike, unfockingreal."
by Tits McGinty September 23, 2006
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