in rock climbing:
(n) ropegun: the person who climbs first and attaches the rope to the safety devices on the way up, allowing everyone else to climb with the rope attached above them. more dangerous and fun.

(v) to ropegun: to act as the ropegun

origin: fictitious device that will attach the rope to the top of the rock without anyone having to climb above the safety devices.
Rich is the better climber, we'll ask him to ropegun this 5.11B.

First one to the base gets to ropegun.

I'll be the ropegun.
by fupadupa February 16, 2005
Originally a term coined by rock climbers, Ropegun has now been adopted by the homosexual community to refer to somebody who is aggressively seeking hot man on man action involving the use of ropes or other bondage equipment. Similar to a Butt Pirate, Rump Ranger, Ass Bandit, Colon Cowboy, or Shit Stabber
Carl was a climber who proudly referred to himself as a Ropegun until he started receiving invitations to participate in gay anal sex while hanging upside down off a rope. It was through this unfortunate turn of events that he came to know the meaning of a San Francisco Sandwich
by MooseKnuckleMollyWhop April 3, 2009