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in rock climbing:
(n) ropegun: the person who climbs first and attaches the rope to the safety devices on the way up, allowing everyone else to climb with the rope attached above them. more dangerous and fun.

(v) to ropegun: to act as the ropegun

origin: fictitious device that will attach the rope to the top of the rock without anyone having to climb above the safety devices.
Rich is the better climber, we'll ask him to ropegun this 5.11B.

First one to the base gets to ropegun.

I'll be the ropegun.
by fupadupa February 15, 2005
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Noun, Acronym. Stands for (W)hat (A)re (T)he (F)---ing (O)dds.

Often used to describe a situation or set of circumstances that are so unlikely as to never be thought of. WATFO's are often used to set up situations in movies that would otherwise never happen. In this context is can be used to mean 'contrived'.
...so I get hit by a second car a block later. I mean, I've never been hit and twice in 2 blocks? WATFO?

We'll use a WATFO to send the main character to Japan. Something like, he has the leave the US after getting arrested for street racing and his dad is over there in the Navy. (As used in from Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift)
by fupadupa October 04, 2006
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