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Someone who is often misunderstood as cold hearted, but deep down is very compassionate. Ronisha's tend to care more about the people around them more than they do themselves. She will help anybody who needs it and is very humble. She is a true friend, and can make one hell of a girlfriend to any guy who is willing to deal with her constant mean streak. A party girl at heart, but is ready to meet Mr. Right and settle down.
Hey dude, are you coming out with us tonight?

Naw dude. I'm gonna stay in with Ronisha and cuddle and watch movies.
by Df2012 October 08, 2013
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A girl who could be as mean as a bull to you. Then when she grow up, she shapes up. They become sweeter as they mature. If you meet them at the mall and talk to them, good luck for you. A Ronisha had a baby girl when she was young.
I remember how Ronisha used to be as cruel as a mouse trap. Not anymore.
by ChristianQueen March 25, 2018
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