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a play written by shakespere, about two families, the montagues and the capulets, it all started when the montagues and capulets had a street fight and were told if it happened again they would be punished by death, paris, some rich guy, asked if he could marry juillet but juillet's dad said 'wait two years', juillet was told and she was upset but she said she would check him out, next, romeo was seen looking depressed, rosaline, some random chick, didn't love him and he was told to forget about her and find someone else. romeo and his crew then gatecrashed paris's party and he found juillet there and fell in love with her and she felt the same, she then confided in her nurse and they were to be married secretly the next day, the priest reluctantly accepted and they were married, the next day they were married but romeo was to be thrown out of the city for killing someone, so they spent one night togehter and juillets mum was coming up to room so romeo fleed they room, when her mum came up and told her the news she was to be married to paris on thursday, she was really upset and her dad wanted to hit her, juillet went to the priest to get some poison to make her fall asleep and her family thought she was dead, she was put in a tomb and romeo was told she was dead so he went to a chemist and bought some poison, he killed paris to get into the tomb and he gave him his dying wish, to be put next to juillet, romeo thought she was dead when he saw her so he drank the poison and also lay down beside her, she woke up and tried to lick the poison off his lips so she could die also, but she killed herself with his dagger insted and she and romeo were found by the montagues and the capulets and they felt foolish after they found out what happened, many people say the moral of this story is that true love conquers all, but i also think that the deaths of two childeren made the two families become peaceful, which is really sad when you think about it, if this entry is missing things, sorry, im only 11:) i mean it
romeo- 'if i profane with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine, the gentle sin is this, my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss'. juillet- 'good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, which mannerly devotion shows in this, for saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, and palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss'',-
romeo and julliet act 1, scene v,
by Xxdarkgirl11xX January 22, 2009
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