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Noun: Similar to a rave bae, a rollmate is the person you meet at a rave and become soulmates with while rolling with MDMA/ecstacy. For the duration of the rave/festival the two of you are inseparable with one another as the pills kick in. You taken a unspoken vow to one another; promising to give: head massages, shoulder massages, make out sessions, heavy grinding, hair pulling, shoulder rides, gum, and vick's. As the roll comes down, the feelings for one another becomes less and less intense until the night is over. You may even exchange phone numbers and facebook info but most likely you will just trade instagram and snapchat.
"I had a rollmate at EDC last year; she liked some of my IG posts so I am going to DM her and see if she's going to go to Hard Summer."

Person 1: "You know that guy I met at the rave last weekend and we danced whole night? Well he hasn't been responding to my texts."
Person 2: "Aww, he was probably just a rollmate. We will find you another one this weekend."
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by 50shadesofminh January 29, 2018
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a friend you go places with or leave with..people you hang out with or roll together
these are my rollmates!
by kate-- December 20, 2007
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