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1). an annoyance to others and or society; Usually coming off as a queer by the vocal communication and body language. The Rokey does not know that it is fascinated by men until its mid-twenties nor know's that it has no feelings toward women.

2.) having anal sex with men and favorite sexual act being the "reach-around" , the "blumpkin" ,or the "snowball"

3.) a scavanger or "moocher" to most people involved in relationships with him. (relatives, friends, co-workers, ect...).

1) I like to be the catcher, said "rokey"

2) would you like to have a 'rokey' with me?
would you like to stuff my ass with your giant cock? bothered "rokey".

3) Do you have a dollar? asked "rokey"
by cum_master111 September 26, 2010
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