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means...someone who uses steroids to pump themselves up!

mike:- oh deeks at that big ole roido!!!
by marie09061990 January 15, 2007
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Any of the gym going steroid abusing club frequenting Tapout shirt wearing loud talking obnoxious city dwelling populace. Roidos are similar to Guidos in most aspects, except one sharp difference: roidos do not claim any sort of cultural heritage overtly except for possibly gym and club "culture", while guidos are exclusive to the Italian culture and indigenous to the Greater New Jersey/ Long Island/ Staten Island region. While most frequently spotted in urban areas, Roidos can exist in ANY region, be it urban or rural, as long as they have access to steroids, a gym, and a club to "lay the mack down on some college bitches". They are also charicterized by shit talking, quick tempers, and getting their asses handed to them by bikers, homeless men, and real martial artists for talking shit while roided up.

from the forums

QUOTE=TreSixO;6360802yeah i guess i meant guidos more than hipsters, but they arent really guidos because they arent all overly italian down south.

hipsters on roids isnt exactly right because they dont wear those girl pants and listen to wack ass lame crying rock.

i dont know what to call them, but you know the type, they rock those stripey ass shirts. imma call them Roidos./QUOTE
I was at the club last night and a crew of <i>roidos</i> were doing blow in the bathroom rocking the same stripey shirts talking about their "training programs".
by Wonk Saggin May 09, 2008
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