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1. Condiment which goes well with omgwtfbbq
You makin' omgwtfbbq?
Yup, you want roflsauce on it?
by GCN_Tony July 22, 2004
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The drool from a person laughing hard.

- Invented by KaptainKelly
(Steve is laughing extremely hard resulting in drool)

Steve: ROFL!!! -drools-
Bob: OMG xD Steve made roflsauce!
by Oskenso Kashi January 06, 2008
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A adjective used commonly to describe an online chatter who overly uses acronyms such as lol omg rofl wtf etc. Synonym of OMGWTFBBQ
n00b_chatter1: Dude wtf, ma gal was like wtf, and i went lol and shes lik omg gth (go to hell) Ya knowz wots i mean?
Me: Yea an add a dash of cinnimon and you got yourself a big ass bowl of Rofl Sauce
by Matt Tan December 18, 2005
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