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ROFL Fries are a rare food to come by. In order to recieve these delicicies you must go though a strict process.

First, you go to Chicken Fillet (some place in the mall), and walk up to the counter. At that moment, you hear yourself say "I want a chicken sandwich and some..." only to be stopped mid-sentence and proceed to "ROFL" because of a youtube video you watched the previous night because you h
Causing you to mispronounce "waffle" resulting in ordering "rofl fries."
*Matt walks up to the counter*

Cashier: What can I get ya?
Matt: Get me a chicken sandwich and some..
Cashier: Looks like you could use some rofl fries!
Matt (still Rofling): Silly black people!
by BWStigerts April 09, 2008
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