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Rockjob is a common term used in the early 1990s both for High school students and even Primary school students in Australia where the person called a Rockjob is identified as an;

1) idiot,
2) got embarrassed,
3) or usually if in an argument have made an ass of themselves
john: what the hell is algebra!?

*john attends school wearing his pink sneakers*
everyone: OMFG! POOF

everyone: at least our mum doesnt resemble a gorilla!
*everyone laughs at john*
by Casmira July 13, 2005
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An exclamation, which, when used in conjunction with "get a" can often be used as a replacement to, "Fuck off!"
"Hey Zombie, get a rock job!"
by My pseudonym is May 12, 2012
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Getting head while the girl has "Pop-Rocks" (TM) in her mouth.
I got a rock job from some chick today!
by Jiphie August 15, 2003
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Term used to describe someone being shutdown or shutup. Often the person has contradicted and or embarassed themselves and therefore proven the other person's point.
"You just said earlier that you prefer Coles to Aldi for nutritional value, yet now you say you like Coles better for the larger variety of chocolate candy bars based on taste preference... Rock job bro!" said Nathan to his younger, more attractive yet hairier brother Murphy.
by dnomeyar August 08, 2009
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Putting pop rocks in your mouth and giving a male a blow job.
"I went to the store and on the way I paid a hooker to give me a rock-job"
by Para_grini July 28, 2007
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v. to give or receive manual stimulation, specifically while standing or laying on a rock or pebble driveway. Handjob on a pebble driveway.
We went out side the shore house so that broad could give me a rockjob.
by Pete Rowley August 18, 2006
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