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This technique is good for a quick kill in Unreal Tournament 2004. The attacker needs to be on some sort of platform that is higher up than the target. In order to not be accused of being a rocket whore, this attack needs to be impromptu, not a result of camping. As the attacker sees somebody pass below him, the secondary fire button is held so that 3 rockets are loaded into the chambers of the rocket launcher. Just as the 3rd rocket starts loading, the used drops down directly over the victim and presses fire so that a tight formation of rockets incinerates his opponent right before he lands.
attacker: check this rocket driver out Tony... *drops down from ceiling whilst firing 3 rockets*
victim: FUCK!
Tony: I think I just shit my pants!!!11! You totally staeled teh cadny!111omgzbbbqhax
attacker: Shut up..
by Skeeter McDougal September 25, 2005
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