Playing "go fetch me a rock" is an exercise (often in a corporate context) where someone (e.g. a boss or client) asks you to find or produce some item, product or answer, but they do not provide specific and durable requirements. Then after you bring them the item, they claim it does not satisfy requirements, so you must go fetch another, different, such item. This is tantamount to having requirements change on you after you've delivered the product intended to satisfy the requirements.
"Go fetch me a rock. No, that rock isn't the right kind. Go fetch a bigger rock. No, that rock does not have the right shape. Go fetch a sharper rock." ...and thus you rock fetch ad infinitum.
by D0ct0rMiJaG0 September 8, 2017
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Any pointless or useless activity. Often seen in large organizations.
I can't eat lunch today, the vp has me doing a rock fetch.
by eMeS November 7, 2004
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