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Removing the portion of a robot's brain that might account for some nerve tracts, or higher thought processes. A lobotomy for a robot.
After a killer robot shot up the place, it was taken back to the lab and robotomized to cure its disorder.
by Cy Borg August 04, 2007
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(1) The monotone and lifeless behavioral changes that occur in most PhDs and MDs, along with many other forms of higher education.

(2) Used to describe the unilateral absence or atrophy of the amygdala, as the subject has no need for sex drive, basal emotional states or enthusiasm in general.
(1) With staunch rituals in place, Clifford studied day and night, until he robotomized himself. Without any need for friends, love, or sex, he easily obtained his PhD and lived 5 long years before his suicide.

(2) Sorry Tom, this MRI shows your temporal lobes have pretty much eliminated that empty space normally reserved for basically everything that makes you an animal. You've been r0b0t0m1z3d . . . 001010101001010
by clithoma January 01, 2018
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