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political party headed by stabulon. platforms include children's affairs and gun ownership rights.
do not attempt to be an individual. the robotlican party will rise to power in over your pathetic organic corpses.

stabulon will win world dictatorship in 2004.

our destrobots have laser eyes.

the unstoppable android army is hackproof.

our campaign staff has plutonium blood.

the robotlican party is for weapon ownership. if stabulon is elected, everyone will get a laser cannon... and subsequently get shipped off to fight for ultimate robotic supremacy

we smash our enemies, and plant larvae in their skulls


our platform is the children

we stand on their pathetic corpses

nothing supports the war factories better than their skulls and blood. childblood is the sustaining life of the robots.

that and plutonium

a beautiful mixture made for robot sex and slaughter

sex and slaughter are one and the same for us

we come from the people for the robots. that's what the giant glass pods with pokey things are for.

the night sky will turn red over our victory bonfire. the black clouds of victory will be a warning to organic scum

assimilate or die, fleshpods. our unstoppable robotic onslaught will not subside.

all your face is to be sexed by us, and all your cliche is to be stole by us.
by vote robotlican November 24, 2003
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A dominating political party bent on world domination and assimilation. The Robotlican Presidential Candidate for 2004 is Stabulon. Our platform is children.
I'm really excited to see what the Robotlican Party has to offer this year! - Sean Hannity
by Steven Kippel August 23, 2004
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