A Roblox Slender is normally seen as a tall male wearing multiple spiky hairs and faces such as stitchface, sinister, and playful vampire. Their clothing ranges from things like hoodies to suits to even showing some chest and tattoos. Some Slenders are looking for mates, others might just be trolling as Slenders, and some might just wear the outfit for fun or because they like the way it looks. They range from ages 8 to maybe even 60 depending on who you're messing with. Some Slenders can be jerks, but others are pretty kind and make amazing friends. They are also most commonly seen with a C&P(copy and paste)which is most likely their girlfriend, and if that's not the case you might have encountered a rare Slender. You might think that all Slenders are the same but despite all the bad ones out there, most of them now extinct, you might just find a Slender who opposes all of your thoughts on them.
1.) "Omg is that a Roblox Slender? I haven't seen one in such a long time! It's nice seeing one once in a while. I'll go talk to him, maybe he's friendly!"
2.) "Slenders dont desrve to b here, get out trash, u suck, go buy a life with ur mommys money >:V"
by FluffyCroissant May 27, 2021
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The lowest form of life, a fucking abomination of roblox teenagers and child predators

Avoid at ALL cost's
My Friend: Hey there is a slender in this server
The Roblox Slender: mIc uP lOSeR
by Mister Masturbator April 21, 2021
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A child who may or may not have had a poor upbringing. Stereotypically overweight, enjoys dressing up emo and acting emo as well. Overall waste of internet access. Usually makes their avatar extremely tall, hence "slender". Partially related to ro-gangster.
Person 1- hey, look, it's a Roblox Slender.

Person 2-lets go annoy them.
by Manovisor March 13, 2023
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Roblox slenders are the players who have a scale on their avatar that is skinny, and tall. Common slenders wear korblox, a **lot of hairs, and stich face. they match with cnps (copy and pastes) some are old men, some are oders (online daters)
random ppl: eww roblox slenders
random ppl 2: dont say eww
random ppl: why?
random ppl 2: not all of them are toxic. talk to them before you call them disgusting
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A bitchass, fucking failures, depressing fucking excuse of a roblox player. Extremely toxic for no fucking reason when you breathe around it. The males have over 60 mates and will defend their mates if you even eat around it. Sometimes if your lucky you may find a male court shipping with other females, and watch the absolutely blinding show of true horror. Some of the females can come with large legs that let them attract mates. Males are very tall. They come with emo looking shit on, and a slick ass face to show you they aren't playing games (despite them technically playing fasion show, looking like clowns.). Some may come with no leg.

To put it easily, Roblox Slenders are emo assholes.
by Lunamoonsgo May 10, 2022
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Some tall idiot who uses copy and paste all the time and is a huge fan of online dating and is toxic af and mostly plays rag doll engine even though that game is boring af they are dead ass on that game 24/7 and they are so annoying and weird.
Person 1: hey who’s that tall idiot over there
Person 2: just some ugly roblox slender
Person 1: oh shi-
by StoopidBoi July 31, 2021
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Cringe people who have the stitchface face
Those roblox slenders are toxic!
by memer2193 November 29, 2021
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