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There are 3 types when talking about how the exploiter got their program:
1) Script kiddies - Kids who buy exploit programs like RC7 by stealing their parents' credit card. They also go on YouTube to search for scripts to use.
2) Nerds - I admire their hard work. People who have worked hard for years to learn how to program. They sometimes hate script kiddies, and rightfully so, in my opinion.
3) Free exploiter - Exploits completely for free. Kids who don't want their parents knowing that they're exploiting.

There are also 4 types when it comes to what they do:

1) Slight sociopath - Does sex stuff and 'Allahu Akabar' jokes quite a lot. Constantly killing and putting on horrible loud music on the server. Putting things in the server which are dangerous or rude. Usually ends with breaking the server. Sadly, the most common.
2) Ok - Kills for a bit. Might put things in the server that aren't really dangerous or rude. Puts on any sort of music on the server but not loud. May leave after a while.
3) Helper - I used to be this sort of exploiter before I stopped. They exploit games to help others, including themselves. Usually free exploiters.
4) Just want to have fun - I often make friends with these. They exploit to make servers more fun in kid friendly ways. For example, putting fun gears into games, or removing the VIP doors so everyone can go inside VIP rooms.
I had fun with a group of roblox exploiters today! They were very kind! Shame that not all exploiters can be so kind..
by Lemony Lemon April 23, 2018
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