somebody who thinks theyre funny, but really isnt. they're usually 9-13 year old boys who havent started puberty, they normally actually have robux, but they dress like a bacon for pure amusement, bc putting on a free hair totally makes you cool
me when i see a roblox bacon: "oh. look at that bacon hating on those slenders.."
my friend: "LMAO.. bro bacons are so irrelevant and petty"
by ayeshascrack July 18, 2021
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Roblox Bacons are players that just started; or however, like the look of an Bacon. Copy and Pastes and their boyfriend, (aka Slenders) bully bacons due to bacons just starting, start with no robux. Another word for Bacons are Noobs, which are almost the same thing. Roblox Bacons are called "bacons" due to the brown look of their hair. Pal Hair is most likely to be called Bacon Hair.
Teresa: Hey, I heard of this game Roblox, Chad! Play with me?

Chad: Already heard of that game. Theres no point. You just start as a stupid Roblox Bacon. I bully Roblox Bacons cause I'm a rich Slender and I got a girlfriend.

Teresa: Whatever Chad..Copy and Pastes copy outfits, they aren't unique!!
by choi_re August 18, 2021
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They get treated like newborn puppys, like they are the same as you.
Awww! It's a ROBLOX bacon hair! Need help? 🥺
Turns out it was a fake bacon, the slender then gets mad at the person and says mic up kid.
by ROBLOX memes September 10, 2020
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