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Robert Morgan Educational Center is the epitome of shitty. All of the administration is apathetic and way too used to kids failing. C's are celebrated, B's are legendary and A's are unheard of. No one knows the principal's name and is believed by some to be no more than a myth as she is only seen twice a year. Robert Morgan is 115% Hispanic so if you happen to be white then get used to feeling left out. The school has no sports which only adds to the shittyness. If you are lucky enough to attend a rare pep rally(seriously, what are we pepping?), then prepare your eyes to see the minority of black girls come crawling out of the woodwork to twerk as hard as they can. All of the social and fun events are planned by a single woman who constantly complains about doing so. There are a few good teachers but they are retiring as the school grows older.
I was planning on doing a senior prank at Robert Morgan, but the school's already a joke.
Robert Morgan Robert Morgan Educational Center Robert Morgan High School Robert Morgan High
by The mystery guy May 25, 2016
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