The founder of Mars Hill "Bible" Church located in Grandville, Michigan, not to be confused with the Mars Hill Church pastored by Mark Driscoll in Seattle,Washington. Rob Bell says that he is a christian but if anyone truly listens to his NOOMA (coming from the greek word pneuma meaning wind or spirit) videos or pays attention to his book Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, you see that he is nothing more than a postmodern, subjective truth believing emergent heretic. He says in his book, "I say that the system (christianity) has to be changed. It has to be destroyed and replaced not with another system but with an entirely new way of life."(Pg. 120). This guy wants to repaint the christian faith to fit his own emergent agenda and propaganda. He believes that it is irrelevant or unimportant that the Virgin Mary actually be a virgin. Without a virgin birth there is NO Jesus. I went to public school and even I know that. Among many heresies he teaches under the guise of Christianity he teaches in his book and video series that Jesus is not necessarily the ONLY way to eternal life with God but simply the BEST way to "the depth of reality" (pg. 21). This is to dismiss orthodox Christianity completely. He is a liar and a heretic and a wolf in sheeps clothing.
JOHN: Dude, I want to go to church but I don't want to hear about Jesus or God or get preached at with the Bible.

DAVE: You should go to Rob Bell's church cuz they don't teach anything. And if you want to feel spiritual and new age watch Rob Bell's NOOMA videos.

JOHN: Thanks Dave! I always wanted to go to hell in an emergent hand basket!!

"Poop is emergent too."
by Cheez-it September 19, 2008
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