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The act of giving or receiving cunnilingus while the subject receiving stimulation is driving. This is the female counterpart to road head.
Person A: That chick gave me wicked road head on the way to see Harry Potter 5: The Order of the Phoenix.
Person B: Oh nice! Did you return the favor by giving her some roadalingus?
Person A: Yeah, on the way to church.
Person B: Noice!
by Walter Vito De Volvo January 23, 2008
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(v.) The act of cunnilingus upon a female driver via a man/woman in the passanger seat. Based off of the traditional road head, this on-female action requires agility, planning and strategic maneuverability of ones limbs. Specific leg placement and proper clothing is required.

Bench seats are recommended. Adding to degree of difficulty: Stick Shifts, Bucket Seats.

WARNING: Urban legend has it that roadalingus has been performed on motorcycles with and without side cars. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS.
I asked my girlfriend once for a blowey while driving home from the bar last weekend. Naturally, she said no. I asked her if she wanted roadhead and she wondered if it was even possible. Drunk, motivated and horny...anything is possible behind the wheel of a car. Hence this new term for woman roadhead, Roadalingus.
by Mellowgold July 15, 2010
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