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Dude, this place is sick, the best hotels in the world, and the nicest. The best ones are the ones in Palm Beach, Florida and the one in Pasadena, Cali which is not a ritz anymore but still looks da same. Its DOPE LAKERS, TRIVIUM, PIXIE ACIA YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Dribble Rock lIke wade and bounce like shaq. like an ounce of raw, fuck, feedin my son is a must. I make you want to pull yo lip over yoself and just swallow yoself- DIZ HOTEL IS OFF DA CHAIn, ITS DA RITZ Carlton BIATCH
by Tommy Smoove February 14, 2008
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The nicest hotel chain in the world, the richest of the rich will stay there. Rooms can be as much as a few thousand a night.
My family and i are gonna stay at the ritz carlton, we're rolling rich now
by unnamed123456 April 12, 2006
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A Stylized 420 Name for a Pen Pipe.
A type of MacGyver

A Pen that has its parts removed to store & smoke Ganja.

The name originates from the use of pens by Upper Crust stoners.

It was perfect for "classy concealment" of Marijuana especially during increased drug busts in the 20th Century.

When smoked, it looked just like a simple cigarette or cigarette holder.
Watson: "Is that a Pen you are smoking out of"?
Reginald: "More than just a Pen dear Watson, 'tis a Ritz Carlton ;)"
Watson: *snubs*
Reginald: "And He'll never know."
by Droid Vinyl February 21, 2012
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