usually very nice and she is very gentle with people's feelings... Most of the time. Very funny and caring. She is VERY emotional, she cries when others are hurting, when her friend is getting bullied online. She isn't the the best at school but when she gets good grades, she is very excited.
by Ritchel November 29, 2014
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people with the name ritchel are usually very energetic but their moods can also change very quickly. They like to be mean/rude to friends as joke and sign that they like but at times it gets a bit much. They are extremely extroverted since they took every person they see whether that be online or in person.
ritchel is a dumbass
by girlbossactivities November 22, 2021
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a gorgeous girl who is nice, sweet, and sassy. Sometimes quiet and patient but when she's around a group shes wild and fun. She can talk for hours or just have no idea what's going on. She is very talented who has every guy desiring her. She cares for everyone around her but dont make that fool you she is tough. People who dont know her want to know her and people who know her cant get enough of her.
I really want to be a Ritchelle.
That's Ritchelle.
by 458236975 November 12, 2010
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