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A sexual spirit animal. A mix of a raccoon and a tiger; perfect for the boudoir. Resourceful like the raccoon and aggressive like the tiger. The unicorn of animal metaphors.
She seems shy, but she's a real riger between the sheets.
by Lil Kiki March 30, 2013
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Rigers is a smart,and nice type of person who loves his friends and family.He has his side of jealousy. Likes to joke around and have a great time.One thing about him is that he can sometimes get offended easily.Rigers loves art and loves books.Author robert rigers,a smart and gifted man.Rigers loves reading and writing.He can find a very good intrest in ther war.A type of cool and ongoing person.He loves publishing and writing about the Renaissance spirit.Rigers was a handsome smart man who loved the subject of publishing (reading,writing.)
Rigers started taking photographs as research for his drawings.

His work will always be a nice and powerful man with the skill of the arts.
by the book reader November 23, 2010
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An amazing boy who can get really crazy somtimes.

Can be a bit of a bully sometimes and any woman is lucky to have him.

Everybody loves a person whos a rigers.

a person whos a rigers could be stubborn at times.
jeff: man i wish i was a rigers

steve: yes we know,you have been complaining about it for the past 20 minutes.
by masonR. December 28, 2010
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riger...a perfect example of nature's cruelty. Riger, currently 13 months old, is an offspring to Ravie, a 17 year old high school student, and Lilly the Tiger. At this time, noone has a clear, biological explaination of how this could have happened, but evidently, it did. Rumors tell us that Ravie, being under the influence of alcohol and Viagra(TM) at the time, broke into our lab facility at around 11:40 PM and raped our beloved elderly Siberian Tiger, who is currently suffering from arthritis. (She was being treated for impotency at our Zoo facility). The offspring, nicknamed "Riger" (Ravie + Tiger), is the 1st ever cross-breeding between a human and a tiger. Ravie currently pays monthly child support and takes an active role in parenting. But this is NOT enough. Our beloved Riger is suffering from unforseen consequences of such breeding (deformed face, abnormally small brain and penis...the list goes on). Your help is needed. Please donate NOW, our representatives are waiting.
Call us at 1-888-SAVE-HIM or
by Toronto Zoo April 18, 2005
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