An oilpatch worker who has more money than brains. Usually are prolific alcoholics, drug abusers and whores. Most drive full size domestic pickups with a lift kit and big mud tires.
"She got knocked up by some deadbeat rig pig. He can't afford child support cause he's addicted to coke."
by wing chun November 8, 2005
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Girls who inject illegal drugs, often those who exchange sexual favours for drugs.
"Eeewww, if you are going to get with that rig pig, you'd better double wrap your dick!"
by collector girl October 26, 2007
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Is a mechanic who works on drilling rigs. They are called pigs because they are always wallowing around on the ground or rig floor working on things. When they get up, they are covered in oil based mud. A motorman is a good example of a rig pig. He is usually the most dirty person out there.
Call a rig pig to come fix the ST-80. The roughneck will just mess it up worse.
by Louisianamuddawg August 5, 2010
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A Term used to refer to Prostitutes or whores who would travel around to the Rig camps in the 70's and 80's to service the hard working men of the oil patch.
Cory cant wait to finish his shift so he can go and see the Rig Pig at camp tonight.
by Rig Pig abuser November 22, 2013
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A female even more depraved than a rig pig that latches on to said rig pig for the lifted truck, toys, drugs, and dirty oil money.

After the rig pig loses his job, the rig pig queen moves on to it's next rig pig.

Useless human being.

See rig pig definition for more information on rig pigs.
The rig pig queen sucked the rig pigs dick for his dirty oil money.
by Tybur February 3, 2015
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Usually hangs out on oil rigs while smoking a cig, sometimes eats raw Chicken is also nigish
Our oil production is low we must hire a big rig nig pig
by Nig pig September 6, 2017
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Describes someone who frequently shoots up and has sex. Junkies (anyone who shoots up) call a syringe a rig, presumably because it transports the drugs.
He is hot. Too bad he's a Rig Pig.
by drahcire October 31, 2020
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