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Laughable or hilarious because of obvious absurdity or incongruity; causing or worthy of ridicule or derision.

"A collaboration of the two words ridiculous and ludicrous."

ORIGIN: Was slipped up and said one drunken night with my friends. Alcohol and the English language...
While in-game playing Halo 3:

"Hold the phone, there's no way Ol' Dude just ate all of those 'nades!! Thats ridiculudicrous!! He had to die!!
by Brandon Cleaton November 01, 2007
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Something so inane and odd, it clearly surpases both ridiculous and ludicrous. Usually pretaining to a contradiction, paradox, or some other clearly retarded statement/action.
I was not given the job, because they said I was over qualified! How ridiculudicrous is that?

He passed up a full ride to college A, because he wanted to go to college B with his girlfriend. How rediculudicrous.
by Furious P May 20, 2006
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