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Enlightened, forgiving, outer space loving pot smoker, and world changer. Known to be found in her natural habitat of a local coffee shop and hiking locatuons. Play TOOL promptly to soothe a savage Rickee.
Rickee don't loose that number, but you probably already have.
by Pranamom87 January 20, 2017
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The smartest, cutest guy you will ever meet. He's always there to listen to you when you have problems and is always honest. He has the best hair and the greatest smile in the world. His fluffy brown hair with green blue eyes will make any girl fall in love with him cause of his meystory. Rickee is the most special guy in the world who deserves the absolute best. Because he is the best. Rickee is full of passion and love and never holds back when people are in need. Rickee is important and needs to be cared for. Rickee is one of a kind.
by Ml8601 February 25, 2018
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