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see lyrics to The Neden Game by ICP

a woman who is completely self-involved and it is not worthy of spending the night with a juggalo
first thing i could never love you, you sound like a richybitch, yo, fuck you
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A female creature found in high schools that is short, has big fake tits, wears about a pound of make-up, goes to the bathroom twice every class, (claiming to be having their period if complications arise) and constantly talks on cellphone. Usually found in corners trying to flirt with football players so they can get banged by them, or huddled together with others of own species discussing when next to go shopping and when they last went pee. Final stage of maturity is a $2 slut who won't shut the fuck up if they get less than $10.

"I really have to pee!"

"Me too! Let's pee together!"

"I'll join you! We can text message eachother while we're in seperate stalls!"


"God I wana fucking slap those bitches! Why won't they shut the fuck up?"

"Shut up! I joined the football team for the free pussy, and I won't let you ruin it!"
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