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A person of Asian descent who likes and/or performs rap music.
Jin should have just called himself Rice Cube. Maybe then he would sell some records.
by Lao Da November 18, 2008
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An individual of asian decent who associates himself with the African American inner city subculture, often mimicking aspects such as "ghetto" attires, souped-up rice-rockets, and excessive gangsterism.
"Have you seen the show with the aspiring Asian rappers?"
"Yeah, you mean the rice-cubes?"
by 708 Boys December 13, 2004
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a scion xB or another box-shaped sports compact focused on cosmetic enhancement.
a rice cube is a shiny scion xb or the occasional hummer with a mid 17-second 1/4 mile time with flashy graphics and lamborghini-style doors and the drag coefficient of a brick turned sideways.

by optras September 18, 2007
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