Trisha "bo selecta" Goddard's favourite meal, snack and arse and thigh trimming product!

Check out her new line of rice and pea products; Trisha's Rice & Pea In Da Pot!

Kiss ma teeth
look at me new slimline trisha now and it all thanx to trishas new rice and pea - in Da Pot! get some today it make you Bugal, Bugal, Bugal, Bumble Squat!!
by dw August 4, 2004
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when i say rice you say peeeeeea!
rice and....?
by nano September 9, 2003
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jamacian manz food .... get me?
ashley "i want some rice and pea!!"
by ross luckie April 30, 2004
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A Carribean rice that they eat every Sunday, the best type of rice and it goes with everything. It's a peng type of food and everyone loves it. Can't beat this type of rice and Jamaicans cook it the best.
Person 1: "What you cooking?"
Person 2:"Rice and peas with macaroni and cheese."
Person 1:" That's my favourite it's so f*cking good."
by FoodQueen789 December 29, 2018
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a common food of people of afro carribean descent. in fact it s extremely popular; so much so that bird flu would destroy their diet
me go out get some chicken rice n peas; easy what u saying blud? You want to eat; how about the usual: chicken rice n peas??
by blondie34 March 29, 2006
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