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A sound that a frog makes. Apparently, they can do several different sounds like ribbet, croak etc.
Frog:"Ribbet, ribbet, ribbet, ribbet..."
by Lilive January 10, 2008
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a) A very fun sexual position best done on a spring mattress or other bouncy surface; save your energy you'll need it for this one! Great for toning thigh muscles. Ribbet, ribbet! GIVEN IT'S NAME IN 2002 BY ME AND RAC =)

b) Used by friends to cause others to blush with embarrassment when whispered into the ear!!! 4 M.A.
Ribbet, Ribbet...I'm horny!
hey look she's in the ribbet position. I'm feeling froggy!
by A. Kitty February 04, 2010
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