Something you hear in hip-hop songs of the greatest . Too much complicated rhyme scheme - not for an average listener.
Tech N9ne:

Find him more cheddar, my end's for me stay gaining great
'Cause I am forever like Em, 40, Jay, Wayne and Drake
What the hell is this about? Was it full syllable rhyme?
by Taras Tester August 16, 2018
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One Of The best rappers The world and humanity know. He is known for His Fast Rapping And awesome Music video’s. Sad that he was underrated, So much better than Jay-Z
Mike: Yo Have you ever heard this Busta Rhymes song?
Curtis: Who is Even Busta Rhymes? I only listen To Lil Pump and Others
Mike: Are u Fucking Serious you Dumb Shit???
by TurkishPower1299 December 13, 2017
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