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Rhylan is a name of a girl or boy who will be very loyal to you once you have proved you are worthy. She/He would have brown hair with green or blue eyes ( possibly both ), a smile that could melt your heart. Possible nickname could be rhy. Most likely someone with a good personality who is determined to work to their best abilities. Someone who you know will always have your back. Someone who you would see one day and think they belonged on a runway. Rhylan will never fail to be brutally honest with you because she/he believes honesty truly is the best policy. A Rhylans personality draws you to them, they are irresistible. There isn't enough space to describe a Rhylan but if you have a Rhylan in your life make sure you never lose them.
Rhylan was so honest with me last night it almost hurt.
by loveyournames October 29, 2015
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